2006 Re-election Conference of the "Professionals For Cooperation" Association

The Re-election Conference of the "Professionals For Cooperation" Association is organized by the present Board of the Association. According to the decision of Board of the "Professionals for cooperation" the Conference of Association will be held on the site amo.ru in the Internet from April, 10 till May, 31, 2006.

The site www.amo.ru  has been chosen as a virtual Conference-Hall to carry out the  re-election conference. It is necessary to  be registered on the site www.amo.ru   to take part in the Conference.

On May, 30, 2006 23 delegates from regional branches have already been registered - there is a necessary quorum for decision-making:

Tatyana Perepanova (Republic Buryatiya)

Alexander Kubyshkin (the Volgograd oblast)
Elena Yakushkina (the Voronezh oblast)
Igor Alikperov (Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk oblast)
Olga Antsyferova (the Ivanovo oblast)
Natalia Ratushinskaya (Krasnodar kray)
Tatyana Babak (Krasnoyarsk kray)
Natalia Batova (the Magadan oblast)
Andrey Yarygin (Republic Mary El)
Irina Aleshina (Moscow City)
Galina Vasilyeva (the Moscow oblast)
Andrey Makarychev (the Nizhny Novgorod oblast)
Igor Baradachev (the Novosibirsk oblast)
Sergey Shirobokov (the Omsk oblast)
Eugeny Terehova (the Primorski Kray)
Alexander Sungurov (Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad oblast)
Popkova Lyudmila (the Samara oblast)
Nadezhda Greidina (the Stavropol kray)
Lubov Kichigina (the Tomsk oblast)
Valentine Bazhanov (the Ulyanovsk oblast)
Angelina Bezrukova (the Khakassia Republic)
Yury Nikiforov (the Chuvash Republic)
Natalia Ivanova (the Yaroslavl oblast).

Registration on the site amo.ru with corresponding privileges enables you to add new pages and to leave comments, to participate  in forums and to take part in voting.

If somebody had problems with registration, please write the letter to the address vzaitsev@acm.org. A new login and  password will be given to you within several hours.

The suggested agenda of Conference includes questions, usual for re-election conferences:

1. The report of the former Board of the Association

2. Plans for the future

3. Elections of a new Board of the Association

A new Board is offered to be created on the base of functionality:

Leaders of 10 sections - 10 members of a Board + chairman. Each member of a Board will conducts a forum and organizes the publication of materials on a theme of the Section.

The overall list of sections in a new functional Board is at the address http://www.amo.ru/node/81/.

It is very  desirable to involve the creative alumni of the American programs not only from Moscow, but from other cities of Russia, too. Your proposals on structure and content for a new functional Board of the Association, and also any remarks and comments for the report of Board of Association and plans for the future are very necessary.

Would you be so kind to pass this  information to the coordinators of 15 regional branches of the «Professionals for cooperation» Association. Possibly they are unaccessible due to their electronic addresses have been changed.

Korotkikh Zhanna Alexandrovna (Republic Altai)
Akhmadinurov Rustem Maratovich (Republic Bashkortostan)
Borisova Olga Vasiljevna (the Kaluga oblast)
Soyunen Natalia Pavlovna (Republic Karelia)
Kichev Sergey Stepanovich (Republic Komi)
Suslov Andrey Borisovich (the Perm kray)
Nikolenko Lydia Alekseevna (the Pskov oblast)
Evchenko Natalia Nikolaevna (the Rostov oblast)
Jarskaja-Smirnova Elena Rostislavovna (the Saratov oblast)
Cherchesov Alan Georgievich (Republic Northern Ossetia - Alaniya)
Mukharyamov Nail Midhatovich (Republic Tatarstan)
Gubman Boris Lvovich (the Tver oblast)
Morozova Irina Vasiljevna (Republic Udmurtiya)
Romanova Victoria Valentinovna (the Khabarovsk kray)

Yours faithfully,

Valeriy Zaytsev
E-mail vzaitsev@acm.org

The head of working group for  re-election conference of the "Professionals for cooperation" Association

www.prof.msu.ru - The official site of the "Professionals for cooperation" Association

The "Professionals for cooperation" Association had been founded in 1997.
Our Association joins together faculty members and researchers from various Russian and American institutions, who participated in the programs of academic, educational and cultural exchanges between the USA and the Russian Federation. It is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization whose activities are targeted at promoting professional and social communication between its members and the relevant institutions in both countries.

  The Association is a useful means to continue and promote contacts between scholars across Russian universities and research centers. It enables us to feel a part of a larger body of scholars engaged in international academic exchange and in educational reforms and civil society building in this country. An alumni organization is a forum for discussing the most pressing academic and social issues of our day and for further presenting opinions on those issues on behalf of the Russian academic community.

The Association also provides opportunities for further contacts with colleagues in the United States, as well as American scholars in Russia on US/Russian academic exchanges.


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